Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a few frequently asked questions.  If you do not find what you are looking for here or need special assistance or request, feel free to contact us at WAGOVCUP@GMAIL.COM

Where can I see a copy of the event’s rules and regulations?

Please click to link:  https://wagovcup.wordpress.com/resources/  and go to Click Download Application for PDF Copy.  Or you can contact us at wagovcup@gmail.com.   Refusal to adhere to tournament committee direction and decision may result in disqualification and removal from event without refund.

What are the competition divisions?

We plan to have to the following divisions for 2021’s event:

– Color Belt Sparring

– Black Belt Sparring

– Color Belt Individual Poomsae

– Black Belt Individual Poomsae


What division will use Electronic Point Scoring System?

All Red Belt and Black Belt Sparring use Daedo Electronic Chest Guard System and select divisions will use Electronic Head Gear.   Athletes will need to provide their own Electronic Foot Protector and Heel Sensor Gen 2.

Black Belt Poomsae Division?

Black Belt Poomsae division will use modified USAT/ WT Competition Style Format.  Black Belt poomsae competitors will be designated poomsae.

What guidelines will be used for judging?

All judging will follow Washington State Governor’s Cup Rules and Regulations.   Modified USAT rules and rounds will be used for black belt sparring divisions. Copy of rules and regulations can be found at:  https://wagovcup.wordpress.com/resources/

What is the required uniform to participate?

Any Taekwondo V-Neck Uniform in any color is acceptable for color belt divisions only. For black belt sparring competitors proper taekwondo white uniform with black v-neck or poom v-neck option for 14 and under is required.  For black belt poomsae athletes they may wear white uniform with black v-neck or poom v-neck option for 14 and under or WT style poomsae uniforms.  No offensive material allowed.  Tournament Committee reserves right to ask competitor to change.   Must have proper working and undamaged gear.  Refusal to adhere to tournament committee decision may result in disqualification and removal from event without refund.


What is coach / master / VIP dress code?

No offensive material allowed.  No hats, No shorts, No flip flops, No ripped/torn jeans or article of clothing, no sleeveless shirts.   Tournament Committee reserves right to ask competitor to change .  Refusal to adhere to tournament committee decision may result in disqualification and removal from event without refund.


Can participants wear shoes?

Shoes are NOT allowed for any events. However, if shoes are medically required, please bring a written doctor’s note that states shoes are required for participation.  This note will need to be submitted to the Holding Area Manager prior to your event.  Board holders will be allowed to wear mat/ taekwondo approved shoes only.

What are the age divisions and participant gender specifications?


6 & 7 yrs

8 & 9 yrs

10 & 11 yrs

12 – 14 yrs

15 – 17 yrs

Adult 18-32 yrs

Adult 32-40 yrs

Adult 41 & up

Events will be separated into Male and Female.

How many participants will be in each division?

The Organizing Committee will determine divisions based on rank, age, weight class (sparring) that athlete registers.  Exhibition matches maybe requested (see tournament director for details and request forms) but not guaranteed.  To be as fair as possible for all participants with the discretion to create divisions outside these guidelines, if necessary. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and two 3rd places.

How is my belt ranked?

Belt rank will be divided between Beginners, Intermediate, Advance and Black Belt Rank divisions.  Please see your instructor to determine which ranking you should be listed in.  Typical ranking we have seen but my vary from school-to-school:

Brown / Red
Black (Highest Rank)

What are the weight classes for sparring divisions?

Weight classes will be same as USAT Designated weight category.  If divisions are uncontested weight divisions maybe combined by tournament director.

What type of forms can I perform?

We will allow competitors to perform Taeguk and WT Black Belt poomsae for individual forms competition.  Poomsaes will be designated.

Yellow Belt: Taegeuk 1-3

Green Belt: Taegeuk 1-4

Blue Belt: Taegeuk 3-6

Red Belt: Taegeuk 4-8

Black Belts: Taeguek 1-8, Koryo – Hansu (Designated Poomsae List TBD)

See resources for current year’s poomsae list.

Is there a Hotel with special deals?

We work with  Ramada Inn in Lacey area.  See:  https://wagovcup.wordpress.com/accomidations/

Where can I obtain spectator tickets?

Competitors and coaches who have valid pass do NOT have to pay spectator fees with valid credentials. However, all NON-participants must purchase a ticket for admission to enter St. Martin University Pavilion.  If you need special assistance/request due to medical reason please contact tournament committee 24 hours prior to event start at wagovcup@gmail.com.

Ticket Prices: Children 3 and under are FREE only if they will be sitting on someone’s lap.  If they require a seat, you will need to pay for an additional ticket.  There is NO price difference for Adult and Child tickets.

Ticket pricing is $15 each. Cash Only

Is there a fee to park at St. Martin University?

Free Parking onsite at St. Martin University Pavilion

What do I need to bring to Participant Check-In?

Upon completion of your online registration, you will receive an email confirmation with all your events.  You MUST bring the email confirmation and completed participation waiver with you to pick up your participant badge.

Covid-19 Safety Policies?

Tournament Committee will determine based on CDC, Department of Health, State and local government recommendations and mandates.  We will have hand sanitizer, social distancing and other protocols in place.  This maybe updated as we get closer to event.  Policies may include providing proof of vaccination, require masks for all participants including spectators, athletes, coaches, staff and special guests, limited spectator tickets.  We may require all visitors entering to go through check in process or fill out waiver/ questionnaire that ay require signature from parent/guardian.  Details will be given as we get closer to event and monitor current situation at the time of event.  Please check our Facebook page for details.

Update as of 9/1/2022:

We are asking all coaches, club/school owners please make sure your athletes and participants are not currently under testing protocol,  been exposed, showing symptoms or positive cases attend.    Practice social distancing, mask recommended but not required. Contact us for any questions.  Following current state recommendations and policies.
Unique emails during registration process.

During online registration process each athlete and coach will need to use unique email per athlete or coach during the registration process.

I am interested in volunteering, becoming a vendor, sponsorship or am a certified referee/judge in taekwondo how can I get involved?

Please contact us with your request to wagovcup@gmail.com or call (360) 459-3661.

Can someone else pick up my badge?

No.  Only actual athlete, coach or person’s who name is on badge may pick up badge.

What happens if I lose my badge?

Badges can be re-printed at the Participant Check-In area for a $5 re-print fee.

Can I take pictures during the competition and at the award podium?

Cameras and camcorders are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from the competition floor, holding area and private areas without proper media floor pass.  Any cameras, camera phones or camcorders in this area are subject to removal from venue without refund.  Pictures CAN be taken from any spectator area and designated approved areas.  Pictures on the award podium are allowed from spectator area but not in awards area.  Award podium photos will be done by Photo Vendor for order and purchase this year.  Any photography that will interfere with the official event photographer, disturb the official records and slow down the process will not be allowed.  Please contact tournament committee for details.  See rules and regulations.

Can you hang banners or signs at competition?

School owners and clubs if you would like to put up a supporter banner or sponsorship banner during the event please contact us for fee information and banner application process. No unauthorized banners or signs allowed.


Are food and drinks allowed?

Updated (10/19/2022) – Due to SMU not having the concession stand open you will be able to bring in out side food.  Rules for no large coolers, rolling cooler, appliances will stay in place and  food delivery/ food share drivers will not be allowed  into the Pavilion during event.


NO food or drink is allowed in the St. Martin University Pavilion.  Sport water bottles ARE acceptable for water but MUST be EMPTY upon admission if requested.  Concession stand is available onsite by St. Martin’s University Athletic Department.

No coolers allowed.  If you need to bring in small personal cooler for medical reason please contact tournament committee for approval at wagovcup@gmail.com with your request.

Is smoking or e-cigarette or vaping allowed at event?

NO smoking of any type or e-cigarette or vaping is allowed anywhere during the event or venue or parking lots.

What is the schedule?

A tentative schedule of events will be available on this website.  The final schedule will be released after the registration deadline. Listen for announcements on the main competition floor for current competitor staging times.

See schedule of events section.  

What is there to do in Olympia, WA?

Olympia area is a great family friendly destination. The Capital Campus, Famers Market, and the Hands On Children Museum are just some of the great attractions the city has to offer.  For more information, please visit www.visitolympia.com.

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